Turn your Passion into Profession

You are a college student or are working in some organization. You have to regularly attend lectures, do studies or work in your office every day for a specified time. And of course you leave your college or office premises at a certain time. This cycle continues for... read more

Start the New Year with a Hobby

Once again the New Year has begun. The weather is very pleasing and your mind is full of new ideas. You have already made a list of resolutions at the end of December. This happens each year. We decide so many things. We plan so many things. We dream of so many things... read more

Sports for mental & physical fitness

Do you feel that your schedule too hectic? Do you feel fatigue more often? Or do you find yourself a bit lonely even in the company of your colleagues and /or friends? In any case, you should take up some sports activity and develop it as a hobby. Sports bring... read more

spice up routine

Spice up Your Routine with a Hobby Life today is busy and demanding. Though it wasn’t so earlier man has kept himself busy in one or other activity from dawn to dusk. Right from the early times of an agrarian society to industrial revolution to present computer age,... read more

Age no bar to pursue a hobby

Can a student of Physics study English literature after his graduation? The answer is “Yes”. This also holds true with any hobby.Whatever may be your profession, and whatever may be your age, you can certainly take up a hobby to add colors to your life. We have been... read more
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