Many renowned celluloid stars call themselves born actors. Some of them behave in the manner as if they are always on stage. And we find many people around us expressing emotions quite intensely, cracking a joke with ultimate timing & placement and sometimes even playing pranks. And many-a-times especially the kids surprise us by their hidden acting potential. So what actually the art of acting is? Does it come naturally? And if yes, is it essentially a born gift…?

A very interesting perspective about the art & theory of acting is…everyone including you could act. All you need to do is to ignite your uncultivated charisma.

The supreme superstar of Indian Cinema Amitabh Bacchan credits all his success to ‘Bhagya’, the fortune. He always says he has evolved and the process is still on and he is enjoying it. And we all have seen the way he has evolved and rose to the spectacularly stunning stardom. But the fact is he still takes every possible effort to nurture his skill.

Look at the inspiring success story of Boman Irani. Without a second thought to it, today he has steadily reached to the stature of being honoured as a veteran actor. But he has started his film career as late as early forties. Of course, he is standing tall on his strong base of English & Hindi theatre.

Almost all the actors & the stars have had a triggering moment in their life when they realized their potency. If at all you have faintly come across such a moment of truth, don’t ignore it. There are many ways of building a path to acting career. And the good news is, today there are high-paying assignments too. Go to the nearest acting school or join a theatre group you know. Or if you have a different viewpoint, try forming a new one.

Get started and develop a hobby. It may prove to be a fascinating career, we never know…

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