Today almost every home has a microwave oven that is used frequently to thaw, reheat, and cook food .Microwave meals have taken over many busy households as it is efficient, cost effective and convenient. However, some people of still cautious using this appliance as they do not understand the principles and advantages of microwave cooking.

How microwave works :

Microwaves are electronically generated and are a form of electromagnetic radio frequency energy.No radioactive sources are involved that makes food radioactive. Microwaves are non-ionizing, meaning that there is no associated risk of cancer.

The actual microwaves do not work on food. When they are directed into food, they makes the food molecules rotate quickly.The friction among the rotating molecules cause the temperature of the food to rise quickly. This heat cooks, thaws or reheats the food.

Some benefits of microwave cooking are –

High vitamin and mineral retention : Some foods cooked in a microwave will retain their nutritional value better than any other cooking method. Many cooking methods burn away important nutrients. Due to little or no added water, covered cooking and a short heating time, some microwave cooked food are recommended due to their ability to hold onto essential nutritional value. A shorter preparation time in the microwave usually means a better retention of nutrients. It also helps preventing nutrients from leaching into the water as cooking water is not needed.These foods include vegetables, burritos, popcorn, baked potatoes, casseroles and soup.

Flavor enhancement : As food is cooked in their own juice in microwave, it eliminates the need to add butter, oils or salt. This enables the food to lock in its flavor, allowing you to enjoy it without ingesting unnecessary sodium, sugar or fat. If certain foods are cooked in a microwave they may encourage weight loss programs.

Real meals in less time : Using a microwave is fast and easy, but actually preparing nutritious meals rather than a quick meal is possible. Using Zip ‘n Steam bags can help prepare such things as juicy salmon, crisp vegetables and desserts such as apple slices with cinnamon or sliced plums, almonds and honey.

Environment Friendly cooking : Microwave oven has an electrical efficiency of 65%, making it the most environment friendly method of cooking smaller meals.

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