Our daily life is enlivened by fine art. We may or may not notice but music, painting, dance, drama and other such art forms make our life bright and beautiful. India has a long and rich tradition of arts and culture. What is Culture? It is a way of life that shapes our lives, thought process and personality too. The concept of culture may be pretty complex but it is sufficient to say that it manifests through different art forms. Pursuing one of them as a hobby can give us immense happiness.

India is blessed with various art forms and cultural activities. Our cultural diversity is as rich as our geographical and geological diversity. Take classical dance for an instance. Katthak, Kuchipudi, Bharat Natyam, Kathakali, Odissi… the list is long. Every dance form involves intricate body movements and use of brain as well. If children start learning one of the Indian classical dance forms right from their school days their body will be supple and mind will become creative. Similarly, India has a great tradition of Classical Music. Hindustani and Karnatic styles are dominant in this sphere.Singing and /or playing some instrument require consistent practice for a long period. You can learn music just to enjoy it better.So spare a thought and time to learn music or painting. Playing with musical notes or colors will immerse your mind in sheer happiness.

Engagement with any of the cultural activities needs concentration of your mind. After an hour of practicing, say a Sitar, what you get is a joy of creation. Pottery is an ancient art form and also a trade. Now even a housewife can learn traditional or ceramic pottery as a hobby. Creating a shape out of mud itself will elevate one’s mind. This art form also needs good coordination of body and mind like other art forms. This helps us gaining better control over our nervous system, which is an additional benefit of engaging in a cultural hobby. Art of painting offers you a chance to express yourself. Paintings are reflections of your thoughts, your perceptions and even your emotions. Pursuing this hobby enables the individuals to make their life truly colorful.

Writing a play and staging it, producing a show, writing and making a short film are also cultural activities that can be pursued as a hobby from childhood or during college years. Many cultural activities like dancing or singing or playing an instrument involves performance. Presenting your skill in front of an audience gives a person confidence to face the society. With this a shy boy or a girl can transform into a confident person. This dimension equips a person to do better in his or her job also. Cultural activity also teaches us to enjoy our life in a better way, as engrossing in a hobby makes mind more inclusive and open to many new and even difficult things in life. There is no age bar to start and follow any cultural activity. It will no doubt, enrich your life.

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