Plying around is what most children like to do. Generally children get bored with school routine, textbooks and home works. That worries parents to no end. Generally parents today are overwhelmed with the idea of making their child an all-rounder. Only few children with some exceptional abilities may fit the description, not all.   But childhood is the period when a human being is evolved and developed and hobbies do contribute a lot in this direction.

Which hobby is suitable to a child? There are no rules or set guidelines to solve this puzzle. We must remember that every child is unique. Even siblings do not share same traits or likings. So when selecting a hobby for a child, one must focus on the inclination and strengths of the child. A boy / girl may be good at studies in the school.Still he/she may be more interested in poetry or drawing. It is his/her way of expression. In such a case parents should encourage a child to read and write poetry or to express his/her feelings through sketches or paintings.It is also necessary that they give their ward professional coaching to develop his interest in that hobby.

If a child is good with numbers and likes to solve numerical puzzles parents should support him/her,as that is his/her hobby.Some children like to mimic or enact others’ actions. Such children should take up acting or dramatics as a hobby.Hobby is an activity undertaken in one’s free or leisure time and which gives immeasurable joy and pleasure to that person. Some children like to play after school hours. Parents must watch the child and find out if he/she is interested in cricket or kabaddi or swimming or athletics or any other sport. That activity will turn out to be his/her hobby.As a parent you should never demotivate or demoralize your child to pursue a hobby he/she is interested in.

Sometimes sharing a hobby with your children is helpful. For instance, if father is interested in classical music or art films it is likely that child may also turn to take up that hobby. If mother likes to write or cook, a child may follow her, irrespective of gender. Male chefs are great examples in this regard.

Introduction of a hobby to a child should be done in a subtle way, never force a child to accept something as a hobby.  Take time to find out what a child likes,what he/she finds easy and enjoyable. Human brain naturally selects what it likes.

One must remember that as children grow, their liking or interests may also change. What was his/ her hobby at the age of 7 or 8 may not remain so at the age of 13 or 15. We must accept that change. Any hobby should contribute towards child’s overall development. Hobby is supposed to make a child a better person and not an expert in any field.

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