Hobby is generally regarded as an activity which can be pursued in a person’s leisure time. For example gardening may be a hobby for a bank executive, or an economics teacher can spend his/her evening in playing violin. Hobby is an activity which is followed regularly and its aim is to amuse ourselves. So a person who is engaging himself/herself in any hobby is doing it in his/her leisure time and to distract a little from a daily routine.

There are literally thousands of hobbies people have been following for years together. List of hobbies is endless. Generally we are drawn towards some kind of hobby that suits our inclination. How to choose a hobby? What is my inclination? One often wonders. In our younger days or after retirement we are not sure about our interests. We ‘like’ to do many things but which is to be pursued as a hobby can be a dilemma.  Here a coach or a consultant can be of some help. That person can be a professional, having good expertise in the field or he/she can be your teacher, parents or a friend too. It is a proven fact that when you pursue your hobby under the tutelage of specialist you learn better.

A hobby is meant to pass your time but it also can be an interesting tool to widen your horizon.  Learning new language or skills like calligraphy or even sports are popular hobbies now a day. But here professional coaching is essential. So joining an institute or engaging someone for personal coaching or even attending a workshop helps. We learn better under expert’s guidance. Guidance of either a professional coach or even a proficient person makes you learn faster and improves your skills and hones your talents.

If you want to learn fiction or nonfiction or technical writing- best way to do it is by participating in workshops or by joining short term courses. Even if you intend to learn fine arts such as music or dance just as a hobby, learning it from a trainer or Guru is essential. Without a coach it is difficult to get valuable insights of that hobby.

Trekking is one of the popular adventure sports and a hobby too. In order to avoid dangers and possibilities of mishaps while pursuing this activity, it is better to learn finer details of this sport from an experienced person. Whatever may be your hobby, if you are serious about it, it is always better to join a class/coaching so that you can learn ins and outs of the subject.

Hobby is not just way to kill time; it is a boon that makes our life blissful. It makes us break the mundane schedule and explore creativity within us.

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