Creativity in you is always in search of something new, different, strikingly appealing. You look for something beyond the known & usual art forms. And as a matter of fact, there are many innovative avenues waiting to be explored. Take for instance, the Paper Quilling or Paper Filigree. If your fingers have the zest of creating new shapes & forms, this hobby will take you a long way towards creative satisfaction.

It is quite simple, at least to start with. Once you acquire a stage of proficiency then the different ways of exploring this art will evolve naturally. But to get started what you require are strips of paper, gum scissors and that’s it! Quilling is all about thinking innovative and making various forms & expressions of paper. The steps involved are rolling, looping, curling, twisting and manipulating to create shapes you have in mind. There could be ample variety in colours and types of paper you use. You may think of amalgamating your designs with some other material & decorative items.

And applications are aplenty. You could make attractive greeting cards by pasting your quilling art forms. Or for that matter, you could make any gift unforgettable by adding your quilling touch of creativity to it. You could simply frame your creations and keep them on the study table of your kid or mount them on the walls of your living room too. Even more creative usage could be of making your quilled signature and placing it at the end of your letters. There is no limit to applying your creative thoughts. The more you could explore, the more you will find.

Many hobby classes have incorporated quilling in their offerings and you will surely find one near you. So take a step forward and learn the basics of this exceptionally inspiring hobby. Simply take initiative and make a fresh beginning. If you really get involved and give your best, the art of quilling will evolve on its own…

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