Air is crisp,cool and fresh. Sunrays are mellow and golden. This is the right time to quit the bed early and hit the ground. This is winter, the most refreshing season. Before you start day’s routine it is prudent to re-enrgise your mind and body by indulging in some outdoor sports activity.Actually this is the precise period to start an outdoor sport as a hobby.  Pick some friends and play a short football game or jog for half an hour and you will find new energy flowing through your body. In winter our body’s metabolism rate naturally increases. Right food intake will help revitalize body and spending some time on ground with like-minded friends will help your brain function more effectively.

It is not necessary that only youngsters should go out and play; senior persons also can develop a hobby by undertaking some outdoor sport. Playing badminton is suggested for all age groups.Brisk walking is one such great activity. It is recommended by almost all doctors and diet experts. Playing or walking in fresh air enhances intake of oxygen, it increases heart beats and thereby pumps fresh blood and air to all parts of your body.Even brain gets 180 percent more oxygen when you walk for half an hour. It can be done in your spare time and it gives you immense pleasure.

Apart from walking, there are several activities and sports to choose from. Parents should advise their children to take some time off from their school / college routine and take up any outdoor sport in the winter. Regular exercise in open air has more benefits than a workout in a gym. Breathing fresh air while playing or walking builds muscles rapidly, say health experts. Teen age is an appropriate time to start an outdoor hobby. Team sports like volley ball or basketball also inculcate team spirit. Outdoor sports lay foundation for good health;physical and psychological as well.

Again there is no age bar to start an outdoor sport as a hobby. Parents should set an example by playing some sport themselves. Skipping in a ground is well suited to middle aged people too. It is easier to carry on with an outdoor hobby all through the year if you start it in winter. Four months’ activity makes it a habit which is beneficial for an individual of any age. Winter is the season when our mind also feels fresh and any outdoor exercise increases secretion of necessary hormones. That is why one must take full advantage of this season for bringing you back in good shape, physically and mentally.

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