You are a college student or are working in some organization. You have to regularly attend lectures, do studies or work in your office every day for a specified time. And of course you leave your college or office premises at a certain time. This cycle continues for months and years. We lead this routine life by habit. But ask yourself, “Am I really happy?”

Think carefully and take a look at what you do and what you really ‘want to’ do. You will find that you are interested in many ‘out of the routine’ things but can’t find time to pursue them. For instance, a young girl or boy has enrolled for a degree course in science stream, but he or she may have a liking for literature or painting, some like to learn and listen to music. Some are interested in photography or calligraphy. It can be any subject or activity. Don’t ignore your liking. Take it up seriously as a hobby first.

Then find a tutor or a coaching class where you can thoroughly study the subject of your liking. If you are interested in writing, there are several distance learning courses available. Join one of them. Or if you like to paint or you are interested in cookery, again expert coaching is available.  Scrutinize your aptitude. If you want to learn painting, what style or format you are interested in? If you want to learn a classical dance, will you go for Bharatnatyam or Katthak ? If it is music then do you want to learn classical music or Gazal singing? Or are you interested in instrumental music?

Then consciously make out time for your hobby. Make it a habit to spare one hour everyday to learn skills of an activity you like. Remember you are doing it in your leisure time and for your pleasure as this is your hobby. Within few months you will master finer points of the art or the act.

You will also find that you have enjoyed the time you have spent in learning an activity you are interested in. That is the beauty of any hobby. Once you gain a command over the art or the activity, then you can look for earning from what you do as a hobby.

If cooking is your hobby, you can think of opening a new restaurant or start cooking classes yourself. Or you can provide catering services. If painting beckons you then you can sell your work of art to art lovers or magazines or work for an advertising agency. Even if you do it as free lancer, chances of making extra money are quite good. You can put your working experience in counseling and shaping young minds. There is a dearth of writers who can write on scientific subjects. If you are a student of science then you can use that knowledge to write about innovations and discoveries. Teaching others on how to write research papers is also a profession in demand today.

But always remember not be one among many. If you want to turn your hobby into a profession, be creative and acquire specialization. If you are putting time and efforts to pursue your hobby then let it earn for you. You are following your hobby passionately then why not turn it into a profession?  This will give you double benefit- you will be working in the field of your interest and still you will earn from it like any other job.

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