Do you like to mingle with people? Or you like to be left alone? May be, little of both. These are your personality features. We all are born with some traits and characteristics that make our personality. Sometimes a trait or two are considered as hindrance in person’s progress, may it be psychological or professional. But hobbies can take you out of such problems. Hobby is something you do for fun and for yourself. It is your innate feeling that pushes you to pursue a hobby. So hobby can help you improve upon some traits, remove some and enhance many more.

In today’s world people are in front of the TV sets when they find spare time or are immersed in the chatting on Smartphone. But these are not hobbies.  One must cultivate some activity that will soothe his/her mind and give pleasure too. Before looking for a hobby, understand your personality type. If you like group activity, try trekking or other adventure sports. That will strengthen your body and mind too.  It inculcates team spirit also and makes one better social person.  Helping people in need, is also a good hobby which polishes your personality as you learn to listen to others problems.  If your kid is a little shy then try to develop dancing as a hobby for him/her. An adult also can learn to dance to augment level of confidence. Dance is basically a form of expression.  It is a performing art where mind-body coordination is important. Performing in front of an audience –however small it may be- is an integral part of this hobby. Pursuing dance slowly removes shyness and instills confidence in a person.

Oratory is an art and craft that can be mastered by anybody. Even if you have a table job, you can learn how to speak a language –perhaps your mother tongue- more effectively and fluently. This will help you to communicate your ideas and thoughts in an impressive way. The hobby may also provide an earning opportunity namely teaching. Part time teaching is monetarily rewarding and psychologically satisfying activity. Taking interest in culinary skills is one great way of personality building. You have to concentrate minutely on the job in hand. This brings in a certain kind of discipline, perfection and even aesthetic sense in our personality. Writing is an art and a hobby, but one can start with jotting down daily events in diary, join a writing class and learn how to write and express yourself. If your personality is introvert then this hobby will be of great help. Writing even helps to reduce stress and develop empathy.

One should never look at a hobby as a cheap tool for killing free time. It is a marvelous way to shape our personality. Many a times hobby makes you realize your hidden talents; it helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses and empowers you to be triumphant. Parents should keenly observe nature and inclination of their children and introduce them to different hobbies, so that their personality is developed and they become more social. In a way hobbies help making both personal and social life healthy and blissful. As children grow, their liking may also change but hobbies will make them better person who will contribute to the society more creatively and productively.

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