Can a student of Physics study English literature after his graduation? The answer is “Yes”. This also holds true with any hobby.Whatever may be your profession, and whatever may be your age, you can certainly take up a hobby to add colors to your life.

We have been told that humans learn better in early age. That is, we learn faster when we are young kids. That is why children are sent to school when they are four or four and half years old. That is about formal education. But a hobby is different from learning Mathematics or History. Hobby is about exploring creative side of our personality and it has nothing to do with our age.

A person with below average formal education and who is working in – say an automobile industry as a worker can be an expert in solving crossword puzzles. That is his hobby which leads him to learn many new words at a so called advanced age.A veterinary doctor can be a poet at heart and may achieve accolades and glory as a poet in late years of his life. We can find many such examples around us. Age is really no bar to pursue a hobby if you have a genuine interest in it.

Famous expressionist painter Paul Cezanne did not even dreamt about painting till he was 20 years old.He attained fame in his sixties and now he is an icon in this field. Similarly, renowned writer Joseph Conrad who penned ‘Heart of Darkness’ ( Hollywood film Apocalypse Now is based on this novel) could not speak English till he was 20.That shows we can learn at any stage and any age.

Any hobby is part learning and part passion. When one’s heart pursues a passion the hobby becomes fun. Generally learning physical activity is regarded as Motor Skills. Humans learn or rather adapt to these skills naturally. That is how a baby starts sitting up or standing up and walk or run. As we grow, our motor skills or physical skills improve. So generally trekking is a popular hobby with people in their 20’s.  But a physically fit person in his 60s can also participate in an arduous trek if his/her passion is strong enough.

To draw or paint,one needs to have some inclination towards drawing. And with right tutoring he/she can learn to draw even after retirement from the job. Similarly learning a new language is possible after 50 or 60 years of age. Learning is about cognitive skills or brain’s ability to absorb and retain new things. So as long as you are fit physically and mentally, you can pursue your interest. Even differently able persons can achieve mastery in hobbies of their interest and then the hobby gives purpose to their life, which is otherwise very gloomy.

Hobby is not just an activity to ‘kill time’. It is an endeavor that gives a person immense satisfaction and a delight too. Hence age cannot withhold a person from learning or pursuing something new.Surfing is an activity involving greater physical or motor skills. At the same time learning how to ride a tide involves cognitive skills too. But a person in late 50’s is also suitable for the activity, only he/she will need proper guidance from a professional trainer.

Only requirement is you have to listen to your own hearts’ call, and the hobby will automatically turn into an act of joy, irrespective of your age.

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