Do you feel that your schedule too hectic? Do you feel fatigue more often? Or do you find yourself a bit lonely even in the company of your colleagues and /or friends? In any case, you should take up some sports activity and develop it as a hobby. Sports bring miraculous results as far as your mental and physical health is concerned.

We rarely notice it but condition of mind is closely associated with the condition of your body. Sports activities develop physical strength and wipe out negative feelings in your mind if there are any. Developing sports as a hobby is beneficial at any stage and age of life. As parents you can encourage your children to participate in some kind of sporting activity, including team sports.

It is medically proven that indulging in sports activity not only builds muscles but promotes psychological health as well. This is important for young kids, or school going children. Physical activity helps develop strong bones and muscles. That in turn prevents major injury and a person can remain active all the time.

Brisk walking, Jogging, Golf, Cricket, Tennis or Badminton; any sport helps building a stronger immune system. That is imperative at all stages of life. With good physical health comes increased productivity. Whether one is a school / college student or a worker or an executive, good productivity leads to mental and financial gains. It also brings recognition which again leads to improved psychological health. And it happens when you pick up some simple sports activity as a hobby and pursue it with zeal and sincerity.

It is generally regarded that sport is a team activity, competitive in nature while ‘hobby’ is an exercise to be done alone for one’s own pleasure and in a leisure time. That holds true but not all sports activities have to be competitive. Having a walk with your friends does a world of good. Act of walk will keep your body fit, talk and exchange of ideas with friends will keep your mind fresh. Physical activity releases ‘feel good’ hormones which give a person a sense of happiness and well being.

Whether you are a student or a teacher or a manager; today’s life is demanding. Endurance –physical and psychological- is essential. Scientific experiments have shown that participating in sports improves cardiovascular endurance.  This helps in reaching optimum level of person’s potentials and that in turn leads to better performance at school, college or in the office.

Participating in team sports also improves self esteem as one is supposed to play some role in a team. It introduces individuals to various responsibilities and inculcates accountability. It also teaches to face all odds with calm, and enhances perseverance.  All these values are important in life at every stage. Being a part of a team promotes healthy competition thereby removing sense of revenge from one’s mind.

Volleyball, basketball or cricket is well-known team sports but even playing cards or carom with friends can also improve mental abilities. This is essential in advanced age. Whatever may be the sports activity, it teaches you to socialize, gives a feeling of being member of a group which removes stress. So to lead a healthy and happy long life it is essential to join a sport and adhere to it as a hobby.

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