Once again the New Year has begun. The weather is very pleasing and your mind is full of new ideas. You have already made a list of resolutions at the end of December. This happens each year. We decide so many things. We plan so many things. We dream of so many things but we do very little to pursue our hobby. We do not take out some time for ourselves. New Year is an opportunity, a reason to plan activities and to march towards our goals with a great zeal. Then why not grab this opportunity to pursue our hobby?

In fact, this is the right time to take up a hobby and follow it sincerely throughout the year.To begin with, why not hit the ground near you?  It is definitely pleasing to walk in a cool weather. Jogging or brisk walking is a fantastic hobby to follow every day. It improves blood circulation and freshens up mind.Later you can also join any sport of your choice. Open air exercise increases your energy level, no doubt about it. Reading newspaper is also a good hobby to keep you abreast of latest happenings.  News items will connect you with the world around. They may inspire you to do some social work. Also find time to solve crossword puzzles, it is scientifically proved that this exercise keeps dementia away.

But remember, resolutions are not to be forgotten.  You must have a plan of what you want to do and achieve this year. Professional goals apart, you also need to nurture your personality.Hobby is a great way to relax your mind. Any activity done in one’s leisure time and for one’s happiness is termed as a hobby. If you are a manager in corporate world,reading a book on history will refresh your mind and will enhance your intellect. Learn to create extra time in your daily schedule to follow your heart.

Managing time every day is work half done. Age is no hurdle in learning new hobby. In fact everybody must decide to learn something new every year, and start it at the beginning of the year. A person from the world of music can learn computer programming and a teacher can take lessons in music. A college student from the arts faculty is free to learn how a machine works. Just plan for the year ahead and go for the hobby you have selected. Here planning and execution of the plan are crucial. Pursuing a hobby also disciplines your mind and thought process. It helps in every walk of life and at every stage of life.

Learn photography or join painting class. Such creative activities will bring a joy to your monotonous life. Learning a new language will win you new friends.A school or college student can select a subject out of its syllabus as a hobby which will add to his/ her credit score. At the very dawn of the new year make a list of subjects of your interest, select one or two of them as hobbies, carefully plan your time in the year ahead and from the day one of the new year start putting your plan into reality. New hobby will motivate you,and the entire year will be full of action and satisfaction.

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