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Gardening My Hobby

Category: Gardening
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Gardening directly connects you to nature and can help you relax. It’s a hobby that can be enjoyed by people from any age group. Gardening makes you acutely aware of all the seasons through the year and gives you a great sense of caring and nurturing, fostering a sense of accomplishment as you see the fruits of labour blooming and thriving. It is a great way to understand the mysteries of nature and to cultivate a healthy understanding of the ecology. Children find gardening an extremely enjoyable way to comprehend science – it also enhances their understanding of why one should care for the environment.



Interestingly you don’t really need a garden to pursue gardening. There are variations of gardening for every kind of space and situations. Container gardening, indoor gardening, raised bed gardening, terrace gardening, community gardening, and water gardening are widely pursued worldwide as enthusiasts struggle for garden space. With little guidance from fellow gardeners, anyone can get their hands dirty and feel rewarded by the sight of their garden in full bloom. And with advanced training, one could become a professional garden designer or landscape gardener.

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