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Types of Gardening

Category: Gardening
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i)                    Indoor

Growing of houseplants within your residence or building is termed as indoor gardening. Growing plants in greenhouse is also termed as indoor gardening. The primary challenge with this type of gardening is adapting and maintaining to the right temperature and air flow. The plants need to be often grown to suit in set-ups that are air conditioned or have heating systems, and some with very little fresh air circulation.


ii)                  Outdoor


Outdoor gardening is comparatively simple as anything you grow in open space tend to adapt to nature on its own. This form of gardening ranges from taking care of lawns to vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, and any open air plantations. The main challenge with outdoor gardening is pest control, pets, and unnatural variation in weather.

iii)                Container

Growing plants in any type of container either indoors or outdoors fall under this category. Pots, hanging baskets and planters are common containers. Some other containers or recycled items such as used plastic or glass bottles, large seashells, glasses, tubs and mugs are also finding way to gardening rapidly. This is usually used in atriums, balconies, patios and roof tops.

iv)                Terrace

Terrace gardening is also known as roof gardening. It can be a good mix of indoor and outdoor gardening. It depends on whether you plan to simply grow plants in pots or build a proper garden space. While the former is easy, the later requires good knowledge about the slope, structural loading capacity, drainage system, electrical and water supply on the terrace. Pursuing full scale terrace gardening might require help from experts.

v)                  Vertical

The oldest form of vertical gardening is fencing and growing vegetables that run vines such as tomatoes, cucumber and bell peppers. However, advanced forms of vertical planting are catching up fast in cities because of shortage of land and smaller living spaces. Some plants naturally grow upward and need no support, while other needs special support frame. Ivy is a common natural runner and is mostly used to build green walls.Typically, any complicated plantations in the vertical form need guidance and support from experts.

vi)                Community

Community gardening is a social activity where land is owned by a group of people or an organization. It is a simple form of outdoor gardening and brings along a special sense of community bonding. Most of the schools promote this activity for their residential students.

vii)              Water

As the name indicates, water gardening is about growing plants adapted to pools and ponds. It requires special conditions and considerations, therefore can be learnt with little help. The simplest form of water gardening can be growing plants in water tub. Aquascaping is another type where you create garden in an aquarium. Plantation in marshy areas are also considered as a form of water gardening.

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