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Mrs. Vanita Deshpande

When Hobby Changed Her Life She is a noteworthy...
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Seema mehta


Kathak exponent Seema Mehta was a globe-trotting...
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Sweta kulkarni


Shweta Kulkarni, an architect by qualification...
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Sanjay Hilage is a 26 years old professional...
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Kiran Nagpure

Kiran Nagpure is a 26 years old real-estate...
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Hobbies are enjoyable activities that add color to your routine life. They are the most fruitful pastime that can define your character and personality. Hobbies can be engaging both physically and mentally, and therefore are very healthy for overall well-being. Pursuing hobbies can be relaxing as they are focused around personal interests and they give a great sense of fulfillment. Engaging in different hobbies often lead to acquiring a set of new skills, gathering knowledge and gaining experience.

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Katthak Dancing

Kathak exponent Seema Mehta was a globe-trotting young woman when she accidentally attended legendary Kathak maestro Pandit Chitresh Das’s dance recital in San Francisco. Born to a famous Diamond merchant’s family in Mumbai, Seema grew up in Antwerp, Belgium and...
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Music Vocal

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