About us

Our Mission
To inculcate a culture of going beyond robotic routine life and pursuing hobbies to gain a sense of personal fulfilment and deep satisfaction.

Our Vision
Truehobby is all things hobby. If you want to discover a new passion, or hone the one that has been your hobby for a long time now – Truehobby is the place where you would want to be. Truehobby is your window to the world of creativity and passion, allowing you to move from the mundane to the world of personal fulfilment. Whether it is performing arts, or creating individual collections, or some other hobby, the possibilities of deep diving into an area of your passion, developing it nurturing it and connecting with those with the same passion is what Truehobby enables.

Social Responsibility
Truehobby seeks to leverage the power of technology to help connect geographically dispersed talent in numerous hobby categories with a much wider audience and marketplace. Most importantly, it enables individual amateur hobbyists and gifted individuals in remote places of developing areas to showcase their talent to the world and achieve recognition and success. Truehobby will have special focus on talent in remote areas to handhold them towards wider success beyond their reach.

Truehobby is a collaboration platform for all those with a hobby, enabling them to connect, network and socialize virtually. It is an ideal platform for amateur hobbyists who wants to advertise and commercialize their skills and brings together teachers, learners, enthusiasts, seekers and service providers together.