Sewing and Knitting: Whether it is replacing a missing button, or giving clothes a nick or a stich – sewing canbe a wonderful life skill and extremely handy too. Sewing requires both physical and mental focus and can take your mind off from any problem at work. It is also very gratifying as the results are instantaneous and has a number of applications in our daily life.

Knitting, like sewing, can be extremely gratifying – knitting is known to have therapeutic effect and is known to reduce stress and depression.


Embroidery: A very popular hobby, embroidery is a perfect way to train memory –it requires high concentration and requires great focus on details as good embroidery is an outcome of high accuracy. For many embroidering is exercise for your brain and many who are proficient in embroidering is also known to remember dates, numbers and other details with great precision. While it may appear complicated in the beginning, with practice, this can become an art which is both relaxing and gratifying.


Fabric Art: An ancient tradition, Fabric Art has many manifestations, various processes and has various uses. You can use it on costumes, shoes, caps, bed, curtain and pillow, handkerchief and other small-sized ornaments. Widely used in clothes, it is usually made by hand painting or block printing on colored silk, thin silk, cotton or tussar cloth.

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