clayClay modelling is a creative and fun way to learn techniques and skills required for art. It also instils an appreciation for fine arts allowing you to interact with your environment through three dimensional objects.

Hugely popular in Kindergarten and primary schools and used by child psychiatrists, clay modelling can help children find means of expressing their inner emotions and thoughts. It often acts as an outlet of sorts and prevents build-up of negative emotions and feelings in the child, fostering feeling of comfort and security by working with soft and malleable material. Today, Clay Modelling is also used by professional design firms, such as Car Designing studiosconverting two dimensional  phases into a three dimensional ones.

Trivia: Owing to the huge popularity of clay dough among the young and old – Clay modeling has given rise to the now popular Clay animation or claymationwhere each animated piece, either character or background, is “deformable”—and Claymation in now an art form and hobby in itself.

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