cookeryA popular hobby – cookery finds enthusiasts across gender, age and geographies, elevating the love of food to that of an art, a creative end in itself, with an immediate and tangible outcome. Cookery stems from people’s love of food and in the gratification of consuming this food. A number of people cook for its de-stressing qualities, while others do it for creativity or the thrill of experimentation – whatever the reason, cooking is one hobby that has most of us drooling for more.

This passion can also become a very lucrative profession as there are a number of culinary schools to hone your skills and transform you into a world-class chef. With popular cookery shows and contests on TV across the globe, food has also taken a form of entertainment giving numerous career options and platforms to several individuals with love for food and cooking.

Quote: “Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.”
Craig Claiborne, American restaurant critic, food journalist and book author

There are various methods of cooking which is popular yet distinctive and these different schools of cooking include Baking, Chocolate making and Wine making.

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