Kathak exponent Seema Mehta was a globe-trotting young woman when she accidentally attended legendary Kathak maestro Pandit Chitresh Das’s dance recital in San Francisco. Born to a famous Diamond merchant’s family in Mumbai, Seema grew up in Antwerp, Belgium and finally in the US –and considered various career options including Jewellery designing and painting. But she never imagined that she would be a dancer one day. She sat spellbound in that performance – the sheer brilliance of Pandit Chitresh Das’s recital was so powerful that Seema was in a trance like state. An unknown force almost dragged her to Panditji’s tutelage in San Francisco, later – and it is here that she started her journey – to self-discovery and to a new awakening. Today Seema is a contented professional – who founded the Chanddam School of Dance in Mumbai and has made her passion, her destiny; and hopes to kindle a similar awakening in children and adults alike. Seema believes that dancing for her is not a trivial hobby but is a spiritual journey, as deep and uplifting as praying and meditating. She sums up her mission quite eloquently. “Guruji always believed in us, and has made us look into ourselves and answer one question: Why were you born in this world…? This is why I was born. I hope to teach 15000 underprivileged children the beauty and power of Kathak one day.”

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