PaintingsYou may draw and paint for a variety of reasons – for personal expression, to exhibit your talents, or for fostering greater bonds with your social communities, however underlying all this, drawing and paintings is all about the sheer joy of creation. Hence the appeal of drawing and painting is universal – it cuts across race, gender, age and sex, making this perhaps the most enjoyable form of self-expression.

Drawing has always been considered an important skill in education because it allows you to visualise complex concepts descriptively. Studies have also shown that drawing and painting can improve reasoning and hand writing, because it involves the use of critical and creative faculties.

Be it doodling in your notepad, or a scenic water colour on your easel, when you pick up a brush, you get to spend meditative time with your creation and connect with the world in the most creative and personal way.

Quote: “A good picture is equivalent to a good deed.

Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch post-Impressionist painter whose work had a far-reaching influence on 20th-century art.


There are various types and genres of paintings with their own styles, colours and intricacies. Some common Indian paintings are as follows:

Madhubani Painting: This painting owes its origin in Mithila and Maduban villages in Bihar and Chattisgargh. Mostly all Madhubani painting is done with cotton which is wrapped around a bamboo stick with vibrant colours.


Tanjore Paintings: The origin of these paintings ranges to 16th century Thanjavur. The main subjects of these paintings are largely a single goddess or god depicted with all their adornments, rendered in great detail. Sparkles, stones, bright colours, etc. are a major part of such paintings.


Mughal Painting: This particular style of painting, are a blend of various styles – Indian, Persian and Islamic. These paintings depict the Mughal period with great details showing the Mughal royalty and their great dynastic ceremonies.

Apart from these, other popular types of Paintings include Modern Paintings, Batic Paintings, Bengal Painting which reflect the vast and rich heritage of our country.

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