Q. Do I have to register to use Truehobby ?

No. You can browse the site without registration.
You will need to register in order to use any interactive features on the site like Blogging, Community to connect with people interested in various hobbies, contact Service Providers thru Email, buy products online, rate Businesses, send feedback/queries etc.
Basic Registration is FREE for users.
Click on “Register” button and you will be asked to provide your basic contact information.
Truehobby will send a confirmation message with your login and password information to your email address with the account activation link.
Please click on the activation link to get your account activated and ready to use.
You can also login using Facebook, Yahoo, Google accounts

Q. What are Basic and Business Account types ?

Basic – Free membership to follow your hobbies.
Business – For someone who is into a hobby related business, running classes or selling products or services around hobbies.
e.g dance, music, art/craft,sports classes etc or selling paintings, craftwork or any product or services associated with the hobby categories. Currently we are offering free membership for limited time, however at a later date and depending on evolving business model we may offer chargeable subscriptions.

Q. What all hobby categories are covered under Truehobby ?

We have identified following popular hobbies
Performing Arts – Dance, Music – instrumental, Music – vocal, Acting, Magic, Others
Collection – Coin, Stamp, Models, Others
Arts & Crafts – Drawing & Painting, Sculpting, Clay Modelling, Murals, Wax Works, Others
Sport & Adventure – Football, Tennis, Cricket, Swimming, Mountaineering
Photos & Videos

Q. I can’t find my hobby listed on Truehobby, can I still register ?

you may select a primary hobby that is somewhat closer to your hobby to register, you can write to us sharing details about your hobby.
Truehobby will consider adding new hobbies depending on the user requests and interest feedback from newer hobby areas.

Q. What are inspiring stories on Truehobby ?

Inspiring stories are true stories about real people who have pursued their individual hobby to attain a high level of personal fulfillment, fame and success.

Q. Can I submit a story ( of self or someone known to me ) to be featured as a inspiring hobby story ?

yes you can submit here (submit button) , stories are selected by our panel and may be edited considering user sensibilities.

Q. What does classified section cover ?

Classified section covers listings of registered businesses by hobby categories, users can search on the listings by hobby category, city and area to find business/classes operating in their area.

Q. How do I contact a business from listing ?

You can call directly on the number displayed or simply click the contact button and submit the form to send email to the business.

Q. What are star ratings as displayed with a business listing ?

Current ratings as rated by the users is displayed with the listing, based on your experience with a particular business, you can provide your rating by clicking on the stars under ‘rate this business.

Q. How do I provide more detailed feedback on a business ?

You may use the feedback button to send detailed feedback to the business, a copy of that feedback also goes to Truehobby that we use for our internal assessment.

Q. How do I provide feedback on the quality/features of the website.

You may use the feedback button at the bottom of the site to send your detailed feedback to us.

Q. How does Truehobby maintain quality of registered business users ?

We do a primary assessment at the time of registration to ensure only the ones meeting our standards and quality criteria are approved for listing.
We also take user feedback very seriously, business may be de-listed and registration cancelled if they are not functioning to our standards.

Q. How can I change password for my Login Id.

Sign into your account using the Login Button.
Go to your profile page by selecting ‘My profile’ from the drop down menu attached with your Name.
Select Profile -> Change Password
Type in the new password and Save.

Q. What is the purpose of hobby blog on Truehobby?

Users can use the blog to write, share their thoughts and experiences with pictures about their hobby. People interested in the same hobby can benefit from the experiences shared by following a blogger and discussing about the subject. Blogging on truehobby will also help hobbyists establish themselves as experts in their hobby area eventually enabling them to start or grow a hobby business leveraging their established reputation.

Q. What is the purpose of communities section ?

Communities allow hobbyists to pursue their hobby in social groups to enrich and share their hobby experience, users can create groups and socialize with other people following the same hobby. Business users can form groups and communicate with their classes or customers in groups. User can communicate, organize events , send messages and posts to all members in the group using social features available in community section.