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fimmakingFilms are mesmerizing in one way or the other and it often leaves us wondering if we could turn our own idea or story to a film. Just like photography, film making is also catching up as a popular hobby because of easy access to camcorders and digital cameras. It is not as easy as other hobbies, but one can easily turn to it with very little training.

Film making is highly creative and technical at the same time. But most importantly, it’s a strong medium of expression and an activity that can give immense satisfaction. Some veteran filmmakers argue if filmmaking can really be considered as a hobby purely because of the seriousness and hard work that a film demands. But if one has a story, passion, and logistics—why not! The number of amateur filmmakers are growing as people find it liberating to be able to tell their stories and create their own masterpieces. The opportunity to showcase through online video channels like YouTube and Vimeo have enabled and inspired amateur filmmakers like never before. The business is so mature that one can even release movies online even before hitting the regular mediums. These channels are full of beautiful short films and documentaries created by amateurs around the world. Who knows – you can be one of them someday!

Quote: “The director is the only person who knows what the film is about.
– Satyajit Ray, Great Indian Filmmaker

Trivia: The amateur film industry in India is a Bangalore-based junior film industry started for the youngsters who are passionate about film making. This industry was first established in 1972 as a drama society, but by 1990 it had evolved into a Junior film industry.

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