Hobbies are enjoyable activities that add colour to your routine life. They are the most fruitful pastime that can define your character and personality. Hobbies can be engaging both physically and mentally, and therefore are very healthy for overall well-being. Pursuing hobbies can be relaxing as they are focused around personal interests and they give a great sense of fulfilment. Engaging in different hobbies often lead to acquiring a set of new skills, gathering knowledge and gaining experience.

Hobbies are usually considered at three levels. The first is as a diversion and helps us past time productively. The second is as a passion and when you become passionate about your hobbies, you are truly engaged and love what you do. At the third level, they create a sense of purpose. When you typically have all three combined, you tend to move towards the direction of professional hobbyist. There have been many instances where hobbies have gone beyond personal fulfilment and have led to significant developments, recognition and commercial gains. There are numerous examples of such hobbyists in the field of performing arts, sports and science.

“Playing guitar was one of my childhood hobbies, and I had played a little at school and at camp. My parents would drag me out to perform for my family, like all parents do, but it was a hobby – nothing more.”
-Bonnie Raitt, an American blues singer-songwriter and slide guitar player who has won many Grammy Awards


5 unbelievably simple hobbies that have world championship:

1) World Pooh Sticks Championships,

2) Stone Skimming,

3) StareMaster Staring Contests,

4) Paper Airplane Throwing, and

5) Rock Paper Scissors World Championships

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