inspiring stories1Kiran Nagpure is a 26 years old real-estate sales professional who also conducts spinning classes at various studios and gyms in Pune. Spinning is an international workout regime of indoor cycling heavily powered by pumping music and psychedelic laser lights which is only 10 years old in India. Compared to other cardiovascular program that helps you burn about 200 –300 calories per hour, spinning burns an average of 800 calories. It is absolutely necessary for a spinning instructor to have a knowledge of music and lights since spinning is all about having fun when you are working towards your goal of achieving a healthy and fit body. A good spinning instructor excels at motivating riders and encourage them to sustain for that one hour of high impact spinning. When Kiran discovered that his passion for cycling could be pursued through spinning, he didn’t think twice before converting his hobby into a profession by getting trained and certified by Mr.Baqar Nasser’s Topspin India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. He introduced spinning to the city of Pune and has been conducting classes for last 6 years. He has worked as a spinning instructor at leading gyms such as Endurance, Gold’s, AF10, Q Fitness, World’s and Kynesis at their several branches in Mumbai and Pune. Kiran also specializes in personal training for celebrities and has trained many while he was in Mumbai. Besides being a spinning instructor, Kiran actively participates in Cyclothon and Spinnathon events in both the cities. An MBA by choice but a spinner by passion, Kiran pioneered the art of spinning and trained hundreds of fitness enthusiasts in the city. He says, “Spinning is not just a rigorous fitness regime, it is a great stress reliever and a lot of fun especially after a hard days’ work. Given a choice, I could definitely take up being a spinning instructor full-time.”

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