modlesModel and miniature collecting is known to be a fine lifelong hobby and its origin dates back to 5,000 BC in Egypt where archaeologists discovered wooden miniatures of several objects. It’s an interesting hobby where collectors can pursue their passion in anything that hooks them. Some of the common collectibles are modes of transportation, timepieces, perfumes, liquor bottles, figurines, soaps, art, antiques, and many more. Collectors usually have history and personal story associated with each collectible, and they take great pride while narrating them.

Early models and miniatures had utility value with armies using them for battlefield strategies and architects for visualising structural designs. Even though they don’t necessarily serve utilitarian purpose all the time, it is very personal and fulfilling hobby. It truly reflects collectors’ personality.

Trivia: The Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition is the most expensive model car and retails for about $3 million dollars. The car is made of 24k gold and platinum with a diamond front.

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