muralMurals are often as much a commentary of the social and political milieu as it is about self-expression. The diversity in style and media is thus ingrained in each Mural making it an intrinsic part of popular culture. While most of us think of Murals as massive paintings and designs taking over whole sides of walls, best viewed and appreciated from a distance, traditionally some Murals have also been used in homes. Murals can be made by using multiple mediums – however ceramic mural making has found a lot of acceptability and is very popular. Ceramic Mural is known to be vandal-proof, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and has strong plasticity which makes it most used for most outdoor art.

Trivia: Murals are not only a contemporary art form, pre-historic cave dwellers once mixed flower extracts with raw eggs, animal blood, and plant juices to make sticky paints for cave murals. Later, ancient Egyptians and other people learned to make stronger glues by boiling animal bones and hides.

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