Juggling: While performing arts have traditionally been associated with dancing, music and acting – new form of performing arts which combine some of these skills are also gaining in popularity. Juggling which is an art that requires a great deal of agility and dexterity has always been popular. Juggling requires a deep mind and body coordination and is considered a form of yoga, when practiced with dedication can produce results similar to hatha yoga, tai chi, gymnastics, and other disciplines. Children have a great connect with juggling – and an act of jugglery will keep kids engaged anywhere. As it involves physical and mental dexterity – juggling often finds its ways in contemporary dance forms.

Trivia: The history of juggling can be traced back thousands of years, when people in Ancient Egypt, Greece, China and other parts of Asia juggled rocks, plates, balls and other objects. There is also evidence of juggling thousands of years ago in parts of South America and the Middle East.

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