photosStorytelling is naturally ingrained in humans. It has been there as long as humans have existed. And photos and videos have only taken storytelling to a different level. Because of evolution in technologies, photos and videos are no longer only accessible and affordable to the privilege classes like 50 years ago. Today people from all age groups and all classes can fulfil their need to capture moments and tell their experiences in narrative forms.


Besides satisfying the inherent storytelling needs, pursuing photos and videos also satisfy ones’ creative needs. People who can’t sketch or paint can also become artists through these mediums of expressions. Despite being a form of art, hobbies around photos and videos involve very high level of technicalities. Understanding light, learning about devices and capturing are some of the basic knowledge a person needs to have before getting started. A short professional course is usually recommended when one wants to take their hobby to next level and pursue as an alternate or full-time career.

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