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foreinItalian Cuisine: Fast emerging as the choice of food of contemporary urban Indian, Italian fare is very popular and ingredients like sun dried tomatoes, oregano, thyme, rosemary, various types of cheese are part of many kitchens today. Italian food is hugely popular with children as well and most birthdays are incomplete today without various pastas and pizzas.


Thai Cuisine: Many of the ingredients used in Thai food like galangal, kafir lime, coconut milk, coriander, palm sugarare found easily in India, and hence we see an increasing number of takers for Thai cuisine. Fragrant and light, Thai food is generally healthy and satisfies the Indian palette as it can be both spicy and sweet.  



Chinese Cuisine: The principle of Chinese cuisine lies in balance, which stems from the principle of Yin and the Yang. Chinese food combines contrasting flavours, colours and textures to arrive at authentic food reflective of their heritage. In India, Chinese food has been adapted to suit Indian tastes by making it spicier and Indian Chinese is becoming a cuisine variant popular even in China.


Mexican Cuisine: Mexican food is popular all around the world and fast gaining acceptance in India. From tacos to enchiladas and nachos, Mexican food finds place in every party and dinners these days. Mexican food culture is influenced by trade with India and Spain and today Mexican food infuses these spices and tradition in the most unique way.

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