SANJAY HILAGESanjay Hilage is a 26 years old professional fitness trainer at a leading gym in Pune. He specialises in sports nutrition and training for people who need special attention. He started off as a wrestler from and has won several inter-college, district level and professional wrestling championships. He suffered from a serious shoulder injury and which was not rectified due to financial constraints, and brought an untimely end to his bright professional wrestling career.

Despite this major setback, his love for the sport didn’t die out. Sanjay slowly started working out at a small local gym in Kolhapur to strengthen his shoulders. Given his passion for fitness and knowledge, he even managed to work as a part-time trainer at the same gym and supported his own education. Along with a BA degree, he has several certifications from the K11 Fitness Academy and GoldsGymUniversity, and he continues to upgrade his knowledge.

His passion for fitness pulled him into body building along the way and he excelled at that. Having been Mr. Maharashtra gold medal winner thrice and a Mr. India participant, he even made it to the International Junior Body Building World Championship in 2008. Sanjay feels great about having come a long way from a small village in Kolhapur with no facilities to being a top ranking fitness trainer at a leading gym of India.

He says, “I have always been passionate about sports and fitness, and I could have easily given up when my wrestling career ended. But my passion didn’t die with my career and I pursued it only to find myself achieving newer heights in other avenues. I get extreme satisfaction in training right from teenagers to special population, and helping them achieve their fitness goals. I know I wouldn’t have been able to achieve 10% of what I have if I had not pursued my passion. Just a BA degree and a regular desk job would have made me extremely dissatisfied with life. And here I am today—doing what I love every single day and making a good living. It couldn’t have been better.”

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