sportHumans are naturally designed to play sports. It can be in any form, be it indoor, outdoor or adventure sports. Walking, running, hunting and swimming being some of its simplest forms. However with evolution, humans’ appetite for sedentary activities increased and sports and adventures took a back seat. It is estimated that about 89% of world’s population is involved in some form of sports in professional or recreational form, with walking being the most common sport. However, only 1-3% of competitive sportspersons from college level pursue their sport professionally.
So what happens to people who enjoy sports but don’t play professionally? It more or less makes a way into lives as a hobby or a form of recreation. Sports is one of the best hobbies as it takes care of both mental and physical health. It improves coordination skills, teaches you to work in teams, improves your risk taking capacity, and does much more for your well-being. Depending on what you like and how you are built, there is a sport out there for everyone. There are various individual sports and team sports, and there are land, water and aerial sports.

Land sports rule the sporting world with football being the most popular team sport. Cricket, hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis are some other popular sports worldwide. Water enthusiasts have mastered the waters of the world and have created challenging water sports. Swimming is the king of all water sports with sailing, boating, surfing, water polo closely following its league. In addition to land and water, people with strong desire to conquer the sky have created some aerial sports that are adventurous and competitive too. Sky gliding, paragliding, parachuting, parasailing, bungee jumping are some of the popular aerial sports.

You can start with any sport at any age. With your core strength, coaching and lots of practice, you can begin playing a sport of your choice and develop positive outlook towards life.

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